Welcome to the Witchmarsh FAQ. Feel free to send any questions you might have to Witchmarsh at Gmail dot Com.

You can also find us on 
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Q. Looks snazzy, what is it?

In Witchmarsh players create a team of investigators before leading them into the depths of rural Massachusetts; where ghosts, giant crabs, and eldritch horrors await.

Witchmarsh puts a fresh, accessible spin on classic computer RPGs, without compromising on depth. It features an extensive character creation sandbox, countless ability and item combinations, and online co-operative play is currently in the works.

Learn more on the game page.

Q. Which platforms will Witchmarsh be available on?

PC and Mac, but we’re looking into console ports further down the line. Unfortunately handheld releases (DS, Vita) are unlikely due to the UI and control scheme.

Q. When can we expect a release?

Witchmarsh is still in development (original estimated release date: December 2015). We recently posted a large update, covering progress so far and what there’s still left to do. There’s also 14-minutes of gameplay footage - you can view it here. Also, for more news you can always sign up for the Newsletter.

Q. I backed the Kickstarter and wish to upgrade my pledge / I missed the Kickstarter, is late backing still available?

For a limited time you can still pledge via BackerKit here. PayPal is also available if your card is incompatible with BackerKit’s system.

If you’d like to upgrade your pledge, please send us an email at Witchmarsh [at] Gmail [dot] com and we’ll help you out. :)

Q. I backed a ‘Town Council’ tier. Where are the Town Council message boards?

We’ve decided to go with Discord as our choice for building the Witchmarsh community. If you backed a Town Council tier, simply join our discord server: discord.gg/csWumEn and check the #welcome channel.

Q. How will co-op work?

You’ll be able to play through the full campaign with up to 3 friends online. We’re still investigating the possibility of local co-op and controller support.

Q. How many playable characters will there be to choose from?

There are currently twelve playable characters, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and special abilities.

Q. Will roleplaying be possible?

We certainly hope so. The game features a wide range of dialogue choices, thanks to its new branching dialogue system. It will also be shipped with a handy roleplaying guide, which includes some handy hints related to roleplaying a character in the 1920s.

Q. I’d really like to play as the ____ character, but I see them as being a different gender (or nonbinary) to the one listed in the game’s lore. Will this be possible?

Absolutely. Although the in-game appearance of a character is fixed, players can write their own backstories in the ‘bio’ tab of the character menu.

Q. Will the game support modding, or a campaign editor?

Unfortunately, we don’t have time to implement this in the run-up to release, but we will investigate its feasibility post-launch.

Q. Who’s doing what?

Witchmarsh Team:

Luciano Sgarbi - Game/Narrative Design, Story, Content.
Joe Conway - Pixel Art, Code
Matthew Griffin - Code (Hollow Knight, Pathway, Risk of Rain)
Pirate Rob - Code
Francisco Cerda - Music (Gunpoint, Jamestown, Omen of Sorrow)

With help from:
Icon artwork - Luciana Nascimento
Additional animation - Jamie Churchman

Q. Where can I find you on social media/the web?