Press Release (2014)

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It's the Roaring Twenties! Join an unlikely team of detectives as they charge headlong into the darkest corners of rural America. Their mission: find and return twelve missing townsfolk who vanished under mysterious circumstances.

A handsome reward is in store should they succeed, but with the supernatural lurking around every corner, will any of them live long enough to collect it?


  • A mix of modern and classic RPGs, with branching dialogue and responsive, tactical combat.
  • Play singleplayer or with friends in 2-4 player Co-op.
  • Dripping with Jazz Age style, featuring music by Francisco Cerda, composer on Gunpoint and Jamestown.
  • A massive character creation sandbox. Mix and match attributes, perks, items and magic to create a unique team of adventurers. Or simply use one of the many pre-made templates to dive straight into the action.
  • A game for seasoned RPG fans as well as new players Optional bosses and challenges for those brave enough to seek them out.
  • Twelve playable characters.
  • A dynamic hidden item system ensures no two trips to Witchmarsh are the same.


During your investigation you'll unearth a number of important leads and clues which you can use to build a case.Leads allow you to travel to a location where mysteries and events are unfolding. These may prove relevant to the kidnappings, or they could simply be a red herring, yielding only EXP and treasure.


Clues fuel progress in the game's main storyline, and how you choose to interpret them will impact on your team's reputation. Did the embalming fluid come from the crypt, or are the local bootleggers brewing up something nasty? Dig around for information before throwing your weight around.

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